To prevent truck drivers from waiting at terminal gates for an unpredictable time at peak load periods, also to even the flow of truck flow over the day Klaipedos Smelte has implemented a truck appointment system (VBS). Dispatching or picking a container by truck is only possible after pre-registering a visit to the terminal, a process where a time window of 20 minutes with a tolerance of ± 10 minutes shall be reserved for a truck driver. Registry in terminal’s VBS system is opened for individual users (drivers), also for office agents of trucking or freight forwarding companies. In case of frequent circular visits, the Steam VBS option is available for customers. For the cases where in-advance planning of truck visits to the terminal is not possible due to character of trucking orders, an option of VIP Line is also opened for trucking companies, subject to a separate charge.

Individual plants located in the vicinity of the terminal and requiring uninterrupted supply of materials from/to the port have been granted a green light option with no VBS registry; the only exception to the general rule.

  • Any questions? Please feel free to reach out to VBS manager:
    Phone +370 611 61 886; +370 46 496 348.