Handling of conventional cargo

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Klaipedos Smelte handles around 1 million tons of dry-bulk, break-bulk and packed cargoes annually.


Discharging and loading of cargoes from/to vessels, rail wagons and motor vehicles:

  • Metal production and scrap
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Various packed cargoes

Container Freight Station (CFS) services:

  • Commodities
  • Metal production
  • Machinery and equipment
  • Personal cars
  • Foodstuffs
  • Other

Storage of cargoes:

  • Open yards
  • Warehouses

Infrastructure and technical equipment:

  • Number of vessels accommodated simultaneously – 5.
  • Maximum vessels’ draught: 7,5 m – 13,20 m.
  • Area of warehouses – 4.500 m2.
  • Area of open storage – 100.000 m2.
  • Numerous fork-lifts (up to 16 t lifting capacity).

For any questions or inquiries, please contact Sales Department.

  • Storage of cargoes:

Our achievements

Record monthly throughput of handled cargoes: 165.340 t (June, 2003).

Largest number of cargo loaded to a single vessel: 42.500 t (m/v Bulk Sirius, cargo – metal scrap).



Cargo turnover in September

The total turnover of Klaipedos Smelte Container terminal in September was 14.706 TEU.

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Why Klaipedos Smelte?

Business experience of 65 years applied successfully.

Part of thrusting international container terminal network.

Client oriented.

Respecting business interests of our clients.

Tolerant and open for new ideas.

Continuously learning and improving.

Clients about us

This company always finds modern technological solutions that help us to strengthen our position in the market of frozen products freight forwarding. Once in a while we find ourselves in challenging situations: competition, fluctuation of service prices at the market, other unforeseen turbulence. Still together with Klaipedos Smelte we always manage to find the way out and move forward again.

UAB „Klaipėdos Translit“ (Logistics of frozen products),
Karolis Ruzgaila, C.E.O.

For further questions:

Sales +370 46 496 247
46 496 332

Dispatcher +370 46 496 344