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Cargo turnover in 2019

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Cargo turnover in 2019

Klaipėdos Smeltė total cargo turnover in 2019 was 3,29 million tons. The turnover of 2019 was less then in 2018 (5,14 mln. t) by 35,9 percent.

The decrease of cargo in 2019 was determined by suspension of regular arrivals of MSC ocean-going container vessels, carrying transhipment containers to Klaipedos Smelte.


The turnover of main cargo flows:

Container Terminal – 253.489 TEU. From this amount 47.111 TEU are the amount of transshipment.

Reefer cargo – 14.858 tons.

Scrap metal – 23.838 tons.

Company in facts

Cargo turnover in 2018 – 5.14 mln tons.

Amount of containers handled in 2018 – 386.982 TEU.

Number of employees around 300.

Maximum vessels’ draught – 13.4 m.

Length of berths – 1.4 km.

Total companies area – 40,8 ha.

Why Klaipedos Smelte?

Business experience of 65 years applied successfully.

Part of thrusting international container terminal network.

Client oriented.

Respecting business interests of our clients.

Tolerant and open for new ideas.

Continuously learning and improving.

Clients about us

We would qualify Klaipedos Smelte as a partner with high reliability proved by years. Together we develop the business of scrap export for 10 years already and we must say that capability of Klaipedos Smelte has always stayed in line with our growing requirements.

UAB „Metruna“ (Exporter of scrap metal),
Ričardas Bukys, C.E.O.

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