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In case we decide to handle a cargo at your company, what shall we start with?

Firstly please contact the sales department of our company in order to agree on rates and terms of services requested. For the second step send your order by e-mail or by fax to company’s dispatcher office. Afterwards the shift master of the dispatcher office will provide you with real-time information like expected completion of works, the progress of service and other circumstances.

Do you offer the service of freight forwarding and transportation as well?

Klaipedos Smelte positions itself as a port company that specializes on handling and storage of seaborne cargoes. Freight forwarders and transport companies are our clients. You will find more information about our services here.

Is Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) the owner of Klaipedos Smelte?

Company Terminal Investment Limited (TIL) is the shareholder of Klaipedos Smelte, with a portfolio of more than 25 container terminals located in various continents. TIL closely cooperates with MSC worldwide and invests into development of container terminals at ports where MSC decide to direct their cargo flows. Office of TIL is located at Bergen op Zoom, Netherlands.

What does a container hub stand for?

A hub is a container terminal that receives containers delivered from distant regions of the world by ocean-going containerships and afterwards loads these containers onto small-size containerships for distribution among peripherical ports (or vice-versa). The world of seaborne transportation calls this function “transshipment”. Since the moment a hub is launched at Klaipeda port, containers from other continents would be moved to Klaipeda directly, by-passing traditional hubs at the Western Europe. Subsequently, these containers would be moved by containerships to neighboring ports at the Baltic Sea.

Company in facts

Cargo turnover in 2019 – 3.29 mln tons.

Amount of containers handled in 2019 – 253.489 TEU.

Number of employees around 300.

Maximum vessels’ draught – 13.4 m.

Length of berths – 1.4 km.

Total companies area – 40,8 ha.



Cargo turnover in June

The total turnover of Klaipedos Smelte Container terminal in June was 23.191 TEU

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Why Klaipedos Smelte?

Business experience of 65 years applied successfully.

Part of thrusting international container terminal network.

Client oriented.

Respecting business interests of our clients.

Tolerant and open for new ideas.

Continuously learning and improving.

Clients about us

Klaipedos Smelte is a thrusting company that manages to suggest non-standard solutions for its clients. True professionals, we must say. For this reason it is a pleasure of both cooperation and the communication.

UAB „CIS Cargo“ (International logistics company),
Violeta Vlasovienė, C.E.O.

For further questions:

Sales +370 46 496 247
46 496 332

Dispatcher +370 46 496 344