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In 1844, the villages of the Curonian Lagoon were assigned with symbolic locational characters which were used to rise on the stems of fishermen’s boat in order to control the fisheries successfully. Eventually, the area identification signs were decorated with the elaborate wooden carvings. Thus, it was a birth of the ship weathervane – a unique attribute of the Lithuanian seaside that had no analogues in the world.

Klaipedos Smelte, located on the historical territory of the fishing village Smelte (Schmelz - the historical identification sign decorated with wooden carvings of red and white colors), created its own weathervane that reflects the past of old fishing villages and Company’s historical path and future vision.

The windward part (weathervanes arrow) depicts traditional ethnographic signs: the sun, stars, light, fire, and earth. These characters are integrated into the squares and symbolize order and coherence. Three growing waves above the wind arrow symbolize Company’s growth and courage. The net, sailing boat, and fishes symbolize Company’s historical links with fisheries and business relationships with partners across the sea.

The middle part (weathervanes crown) – Company’s logo integrated into the object of historical heritage – the windmill. A circle around the mill symbolizes continuous rail freight forwarding. The spikes protruding of the wheel is the wind rose (North, East, and West).

The ancient symbols of the leeward part (flat-bottomed sailing boat, cater, bird, rafter) shown Company’s current business activities – international container distribution center where containers are brought by the intercontinental container vessels and then reloaded onto smaller ships and shipped to other ports. In the end of leeward part the “refrigerator” is depicted and Company’s old logo. The birds – liaisons of land and sea, constantly rotating on the Klaipedos Smelte terminal are the last highlight.

Company in facts

Cargo turnover in 2018 – 5.14 mln tons.

Amount of containers handled in 2018 – 386.982 TEU.

Number of employees around 300.

Maximum vessels’ draught – 13.4 m.

Length of berths – 1.4 km.

Total companies area – 40,8 ha.



Cargo turnover in June

The total turnover of Klaipedos Smelte Container terminal in June was 12.339 TEU.

All news

Why Klaipedos Smelte?

Business experience of 65 years applied successfully.

Part of thrusting international container terminal network.

Client oriented.

Respecting business interests of our clients.

Tolerant and open for new ideas.

Continuously learning and improving.

Clients about us

This company always finds modern technological solutions that help us to strengthen our position in the market of frozen products freight forwarding. Once in a while we find ourselves in challenging situations: competition, fluctuation of service prices at the market, other unforeseen turbulence. Still together with Klaipedos Smelte we always manage to find the way out and move forward again.

UAB „Klaipėdos Translit“ (Logistics of frozen products),
Karolis Ruzgaila, C.E.O.

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